Asda colleague praised for helping out customer

Asda Coleraine employee, Marc Morrow, has been commended for his kindness and generosity, when he paid for a customer’s shopping recently.

The customer realised that she had forgotten her bank card when she went to pay for her shopping at the self-scan checkouts. Marc could see that she was getting upset and stressed so he stepped in to help without hesitation, telling her not to worry and paying for her shopping.

Angela Lamberton, Customer Trading Manager said: “Marc has excelled in his role at Asda - he is a very knowledgeable and calming person. He didn’t tell anyone that he had paid for the shopping, which is just typical of Marc.

“He is a quiet and humble man, and I would not be surprised if he had done things like this before. He doesn’t like a fuss and is always there to help out his colleagues and customers.”

Marc Morrow from Asda Coleraine

Marc Morrow said: “She was a regular customer and she had gotten quite stressed. I wouldn’t want to see anyone stuck so I paid for her shopping because I could. It was the right thing to do, and I was happy to help.”

The relieved customer was so grateful for this simple act of kindness and returned a couple of days later to thank Marc and repay him for his generosity.