Baroness tells life story to Muckamore WI

Muckamore WI President Elizabeth Gray introduced a very special guest speaker Baroness Catharine (Kate) Hoey to the delighted audience of members who attended their first meeting of 2022.

Baroness Hoey of Lylehill and Rathlin gave members an indepth insight into her very fulfilling career. A Northern Ireland politician and life peer who served as Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Home Affairs from 1998 to 1999 and Minister for Sport and the Olympics from 1999 to 2001. She is a former member of the Labour Party and was MP for Vauxhall from 1989 to 2019.

Members heard Baroness Hoey attended Lylehill Primary School and enjoyed sport particularly the high jump. She has a degree in Economics earned at London Guildhall University and was a Vice-President of the National Union of Students.

As Minister of Sport Barnoness Hoey was able to attend the Olympics in Australia in the year 2000. Baroness was the 41st female to be elected as a

President Elizabeth with Baroness Catherine Hoey.


In August 2021 Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed Baroness Hoey as new Trade Envoy to Ghana. She was appointed for her experience supporting global businesses, all of which will help both British and Ghanaian businesses to find new export and investment opportunities.

Catherine also told members some very humorous stories that she had encountered on meeting with Baroness Margaret Thatcher and working with Jeremy Corbyn. Eamonn Holmes had interviewed Baroness Hoey earlier in the day while hosting a new programme GB News. When Catherine informed him that she was flying to Belfast to talk to the ladies of Muckamore WI he asked her to “extend his good wishes to the ladies”.

Baroness Hoey also took part in question time and judged the competition “Words of Wisdom” with M. Hamilton first, Deborah Hutchinson second and

Iris Maughan who Proposed a Vote of Thanks to Baroness Hoey

Margaret Bent third. She was thanked by Iris Maughan on behalf of members.

Birthday girl for January was Florence McFarland.

A letter of thanks was received from Homestart thanking the members for the donations received at Christmas. Members support the Wellbeing project commissioned by Impact Network through the PHA.

Marjorie Hamilton winner of the Muckamore WI Competition ‘Words of Wisdom’.
Muckamore WI ladies listening to Baroness Hoey.