Cartoons In Conflict Exhibition

As part of Community Relations Week, Moyle District Council Good Relations will be hosting the ‘Cartoons In Conflict’ exhibition in Sheskburn House on Friday the 18th of May, 7pm-9pm.

The exhibition was the idea of The Parents Circle, a group of bereaved Palestinian and Israeli families who wanted to highlight the destructive absurdity and futility of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. An international group of acclaimed cartoonists have contributed to the exhibition which is being facilitated by Community Dialogue and funded through the Big Lottery Programme.

The Parents Circle-Families Forum was founded in 1995 and consists of 500 Israeli and Palestinian bereaved families who work together to promote peace through reconciliation and understanding by aiming to use their own painful experiences to promote reconciliation.

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Community Dialogue is made up of people from diverse communities within Northern Ireland. As a group they take no position on party-political issues and believe that if we want a better future we need to take time to listen to each other and to question ourselves. Facilitated discussions will also take place on the night giving guests the opportunity to reflect and share their views on the exhibits.

If you require further information or are interested in seeing the exhibition and wish to book a place, please contact Tracy Walker on (028) 2076 2225 or email [email protected].