Elf on the shelf: Your crazy elves get up to no good in your homes at Christmas

Here are some amusing ideas for your naughty elves this Christmas which are sure to make your children laugh.

Adriana Santos

Here is the pick of our favourite elf pics sent in by readers, ranging from isolating elves (well done to those parents who gave themselves some time off from having to think of any more ideas) to some insane and labour intensive ideas.

Sinead Hughes
Noeleen Floyd
Paula Swann
Mark DouLoveme Collins
Heather Burns
Gary Gordon - Was out on Council patrol yesterday
Christine McCaughey - Blakes in the royal children's hospital and the elf is a busy bee x.
Brian Watson
Barbara Robin
Barbara Robin
Anouska Uprichard - Hot choclolate with baby in the bath
Amy Carson - Ours planked our son and pretended they broke the TV screen
Adriana Santos
Sharon Finnegan - YESSSS! Made 2 puddings 10 hour steaming!!! And left them cooling, came down to this next morning
Lyn Clarke
Louise McElroy - Buddy the elf moves in can’t be without his friends at the North Pole!
Linda Millar
Liz Doherty
Linda Millar - Away on a road trip with daddy to work
Linda McConaghy - Snowflake and sparkle had a party
Kirtsy Donnelly
Jemma Newman Lynn - My Elves tonight
Keira Calderwood
Jamie Fawcett.