Double bill as Pip Utton returns to the Island

ISLAND Arts Centre favourite Pip Utton will be returning to Lisburn for a double bill next week when he stages two of his most popular one man shows - Adolf and Churchill.

THE ‘master of the controversial one-man play’ will be bringing his new show ‘Adolf’ to the Island Arts Centre on Thursday April 19 and ‘Churchill’ on Saturday April 21.

The 20th Century’s most notorious tyrant is daringly and divisively brought to the stage in one of the most successful and powerful solo works ever presented.

Pip Utton, looking uncomfortably like the Fuhrer, stands before a huge Nazi banner addressing his party faithful. He furnishes his audience with an acute anatomy of fascism; its ideological justifications; its poisoned utopias. They are in the presence of an utterly compelling idealist, and are helplessly drawn in to his warped logic.

Hitler’s final performance seems over as he settles into pre-suicidal contemplation. We know the rest. But Utton has reserved a sting for his tale, a sting so powerful that it pushes the audience into looking within themselves to question their own prejudices and intolerance.

This is live theatre at its best with a theme and subject that touches us all. It is powerful, challenging and divisive, illustrative and educational. It is utterly provocative and totally necessary. Everyone should experience it.

Created from the words of ‘Mein Kampf’ and ‘Table Talk’, Pip Utton’s amazing play furnishes an acute anatomy of fascism; its ideological justifications, its poisoned utopias.

He takes his audience on a journey into themselves, gently coaxing an understanding of the mindset of a nation that could allow a man such as Hitler to take control.

Two days later the theatre company will bring to life the ‘Greatest Briton’, Winston Churchill. As the leader who led the struggle against Hitler, Churchill was the last British Prime Minister to sit with the emerging superpowers as an equal.

For further information or to book tickets for either of the shows, priced at £12, contact the Island Arts Centre Box Office on 9250 9254 or log onto