Dromore teen brews up a storm with alcohol free gin

Inspired by a recent Duke of Edinburgh awards project, Dromore teenager, Hana Hughes (16) has created Northern Ireland's first alcohol-free gin with local distillery, Hughes Craft Distillery.

The gin, cleverly titled ‘Driver’s Gin’, was distilled in the family owned distillery located in Moira using a range of botanicals such as juniper, coriander, cubeb’s, black peppercorns and sweet orange, and is also sugar and calorie free.

“I had a keen interest in learning a new skill, and when reading the list I was given at a Duke of Edinburgh awards meeting I was initially surprised to see brewing and wine making as suggestions,” said Hana. “I knew the resources available to me at my parent’s distillery were unique and I set myself a challenge to learn how to distil a non-alcoholic gin. I came up with two recipes, my first was very similar to a classic gin recipe but the second was my own recipe. When I had finished distilling the recipes I measured the alcohol and they were both 0%ABV. I had to ask for help from people who like the taste of gin and I was relieved and really happy when they said my recipe tasted great. I serve it with Fever-tree tonic and a slice of orange.”