Lisburn is the best place in Northern Ireland to raise a sustainable family

A new study has revealed that Lisburn is the best city in Northern Ireland to raise a sustainable and eco-conscious family.

The study by Bower Collective examined per child (the local population of 0-15 year olds), the number of local outdoor learning organisations, access to local allotments and local farm produce, access to second-hand childrenswear and number of family-friendly outdoor activities to identify the best places in the UK to raise a ‘mini eco-warrior’.

Lisburn, the top scoring city in Northern Ireland, has three accessible allotments and at least 10 local farms to source local produce from. Lisburn also has 14 local nature days out to help inspire a life-long love of nature.

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After Lisburn, the next best options were Londonerry, Belfast and Newtonabbey respectively.

Lisburn has the eighth most local outdoor schools in the UK per child, and Londonderry has the eighth most public farms listed.

For full details on the UK’s top spots to raise ‘little eco-warriors’ visit https://bowercollective.com/pages/best-places-in-uk-to-raise-a-mini-eco-warrior