NORAD and Google trackers show when Santa will be arriving in Northern Ireland

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa and his reindeer are getting ready to start their magical annual journey.

And you can track their whereabouts as they make their way to visit homes all over Northern Ireland.

There are several options to allow eager local boys and girls to keep an eye on Santa’s progress as he delivers gifts across the world assisted by Rudolph and the other reindeer.

Of course, when he gets close to Northern Ireland they had better get to bed and asleep pretty quickly!

You can track Santa's progress as he gets closer to Northen Ireland.

The NORAD Santa Tracker, run by the North American Aerospace Defence Command for more than 60 years, gives live up-to-the-minute updates on where the big man in the red suit is at any point in time.

A more recent option is Google’s Santa Tracker which combines the power of Google Maps with some magical knowledge of where Santa is, all backed up with a host of Christmas fun and mini games.

Either way, families can have a lot of fun watching out for Santa on his trip tonight. NORAD has reported that flying conditions are good tonight.