Samara Prentice: My top seven tips for maternity dressing in style

Lisburn personal stylist and mum of four Samara tells Ulster Star how to dress to maintain your pre-pregnancy sense of style and body confidence.

I think 2021 may well be the year of the baby boom. I have been inundated this week with enquiries from new mums-to-be as well as existing clients about dressing in pregnancy.

I absolutely love creating functional maternity wardrobe for clients which will serve their current lifestyle.

When I first meet with a newly pregnant client, I can sense how overwhelmed she feels about maintaining her sense of style whilst watching her body change. There is no doubt that dressing a baby bump can feel like unchartered territory, even if this isn’t your first baby.

No pregnancy is ever the same and each trimester will bring its own styling needs. But know that I am on hand to expertly guide you through the minefield that is maternity dressing so that you can show up every single day without having to compromise your usual sense of style.

As a mum of four, I have experienced first hand just how challenging maternity dressing can be, but armed with some really useful industry tips, I felt confident right up until birth.

Here’s the top seven tips that every mum to be needs to know…

1. Consider your lifestyle

Before starting to build your maternity wardrobe, look at your current lifestyle. Ask yourself what pieces you need to serve your current lifestyle. For example, consider the season – what style of coat do you need? Do you feel more comfortable in a dress or trousers? This will also help you to avoid unnecessary spending.

2. Colours can create impact

Maternity clothes have come a long way. Adding in pops of colour can help you maintain your pre-pregnancy style and help boost the mood. Brands such as The Pod Collection and Isabella Oliver have really nailed it.

3. V necklines create balance in the pregnancy form

As your bump grows, add in v neck t-shirts in fluid fabrics. You will look and feel great and you can create interest with a great blazer or cool pair of trainers.

4. Belt up

Even if you have previously avoided belts, they will become your go to accessory in pregnancy especially in the later stages. A simple belt can help to create shape in your outfits as your bump grows.

5. Clever layering

Layering will maintain your comfort levels whilst giving you the flexibility to grow. It is also an essential part of maternity dressing as pregnancy can play havoc with your body temperature. Coatigans and soft tailored blazers are amongst my favourites.

6. Dress for success

A wrap dress will become your new best friend. It can be easily dressed up or down.

It allows you room to grow gracefully but most of all, your comfortable levels are maintained and it will work hard well into your final stages.

7. The power of accessories

Do not underestimate the power of great accessories in maternity dressing. Accessories add another dimension to our daily outfits. Choose an interesting necklace or a statement bag that expresses exactly who you are to the world.

If you would like help dressing in pregnancy please know you can reach out to me for specialist advice on [email protected] or via social media.