People in Northern Ireland expected to put on 600,000 stone by New Year

The British Heart Foundation have predicted that inactivity and overindulgence over Christmas could see people in Northern Ireland put on a collective 600,000 by the New Year.

Christmas dinner
Christmas dinner
Christmas dinner

Residents from Belfast will spend over 190 hours sitting down over the festive period this December, according to new statistics released by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) for its Treks Campaign.

The survey revealed that over a third of residents in Belfast (34%) will do absolutely no exercise throughout the whole of December, while a further 33% will do less than an hour a week. And a according to the survey, just over 1 million people in the UK, or one in 20, that already had an exercise regime won’t get back to their usual routine until February.

Coupled with this, throughout December, residents from Belfast will chalk up a whopping 190 hours and 58 minutes of sedentary behaviour per person, spent sitting eating, cosied up in front of the TV or driving home to see loved ones.

The report also found that on average per person, those polled say they are expecting to put on over 5lbs by the New Year.

However the BHF is encouraging everyone to kick-start a healthier New Year once the festivities are over by signing up to one of the charity’s UK or overseas treks and raising money for life saving research.

Krystyna Grant, Head of Adventure at the BHF, said: “We all love to indulge and let loose over the Christmas period, but by eating to excess, and kicking our exercise routines to the kerb, we’re likely to pile on the pounds. Taking on one of our incredible treks is the perfect way to get back to your heart healthy self in the New Year and help protect your heart.