Where in Co Antrim can you get the best ice-cream?

The current spell of glorious summer weather has brought smiles to those who love being outdoors - and of course those who love a lip-licking, cool ice-cream.

Whether you like a plain cone with vanilla ice-cream, an elaborate mixture of fruity flavours in a tub or prefer a more sophisticated concoction altogether, there are some simply stunning options out there to choose from when you want to keep your cool.

So, while the sun still has its hat on, we thought we’d ask Times’ readers where their favourite spot is to buy an ice-cream.

And as some people will drive miles to get the best ice-cream around, we want to hear about where you go to get the best anywhere in Co Antrim.

Where is your favourite spot for the best ice-cream?

Get in touch in the comments section on our Facebook page and we’ll give a big summertime shout out to all your favourites.

As well as telling us where you go to buy your favourite ice-cream, let us know what your top choice is and what makes it so good.