Celebrating GCSE results at Coleraine Grammar School

Following a challenging year for all pupils and schools, Coleraine Grammar School pupils proved their resilience and dedication by producing excellent GCSE results.

Lauren Embleton gained 10 A*s in full course GCSE subjects and two other pupils, Georgie McLenaghan and Ceira Kennedy achieved 9A*s in full course GCSE subjects.

Ceira very impressively had gained her A* in GCSE French in Year 9, an incredible feat and many congratulations to Ceira.

Other high achievers included Jasper Long and Sarah Scott who received 8 A*s each in full course subjects.

Hannah Chambers and her parents

Seven pupils achieved 6 or 7 A*s in full course GCSEs: Archie Block, Natasha Hamilton, Leah Knox, Rachel Madden, Emily Verner, Yvonne Currie and Eve Hearnshaw.

Another seven pupils gained 5A*s in full course subjects: Emma McAfee, Lara White, Charlotte Mitchell, Ruby Parkinson, Wesley Flack, Layla Safi and Noah Gordon.


Overall, 26 pupils were awarded A*/As in all of their full course GCSE subjects.

Many other pupils also achieved admirable grades, which allows them to progress to the next stage in their education.

Coleraine Grammar School students getting their GCSE results

A school spokesperson said: “Congratulations to all of our Year 12 pupils, they demonstrated the qualities we develop in CGS: perseverance, commitment and excellence in their approach to the very different style of assessments this year.”

Coleraine Grammar School students getting their GCSE results
Coleraine Grammar School students getting their GCSE results