Iain’s 50th birthday 50 day challenge

Ballymoney man Iain McAfee is celebrating turning 50 by fundraising for injured and limbless military veterans.

Iain will turn 50 on May 29, and after coming across armed forces charity Blesma The Limbless Veterans through his work, he was inspired to raise funds for the cause.

Inspiration for his milestone celebrations came from his habit of daily lockdown walks to support both his physical and mental health and he is hoping to raise £500 for the charity.

Iain said: “Each day I will be walking an average of five miles and completing 100 press ups. By the end of the 50-day challenge, I will have walked 250 miles and have completed 5,000 press ups.

Blesma fundraiser Iain McAfee

“I’m already a lot of fitter than I was when I started, but four days into the challenge, I was really feeling it in my shoulders. I was waking up feeling lethargic and tired but compared to the daily experiences the veterans and families I’m supporting go through, this is nothing.

“I do have knee problems and I used to run, but I can’t anymore because the cartilages are all gone. Walking is the most I can do, but my struggles are nothing compared to losing a limb or the loss of use of a limb.”

Along the way to completing the challenge, Iain will be joined by several injured veterans.

“Blesma’s message of enabling limbless veterans to lead independent and fulfilling lives is quite powerful to me. The fact the veterans are prepared to come out and support me makes me happy, too. It’s a great opportunity to hear the stories of those the charity help.”

Iain and Blesma Member Bryan Philips