Kiddieland fence issue handed over to Regeneration Manager

THE issue of the Kiddieland fence in Portrush is to be handed to the town’s Regeneration Manager for consideration.

This move comes after Environment Minister Alex Attwood met with Coleraine Borough Council’s Planning Working Group earlier this month to consider the current status of the fence.

Photos of the fence, the surrounding area and the completed Station Square scheme were shown to the Minister during the meeting.

Minister Attwood said that, given the past Planning history of the fence issue, he had very little authority to change the situation.

It was agreed that while the planning status of the fence was unsatisfactory it was still lawful, therefore further discussions on the Planning options would not result in any progress being made.

The issue has now been passed to the Regeneration Manager for Portrush for him to prepare an options paper in the context of the Portrush Regeneration Strategy.

This options paper will be brought before Coleraine Council for consideration.

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