Margaret’s appeal for Christmas Day help

A Coleraine woman who is the epitome of the Christmas spirit is asking for volunteers to help her out this festive season.

For an incredible 35 years, Margaret Peacock has been organising a Christmas dinner event for people who would otherwise spend Christmas Day alone.

Margaret and her helpers work tirelessly to provide a tasty Christmas dinner for her guests as well as entertainment, a raffle and a gift from Santa.

Margaret is now asking for assistance with her kind-hearted event.

Margaret Peacock

“Plans are in place for our Christmas Day Special,” said Margaret.

“We are asking anyone interested in what we do and who can volunteer their time on Christmas Day to get in touch with me,” said Margaret who also added that anyone giving their time at the event is guaranteed to have fun!

“This Christmas Day Special is always a great success and I am so happy that it is going ahead this year.

“This is our 35th year and this year is SO special because of what we have all come through with restrictions and isolations through the pandemic.

“Please, please share this message and don’t let anyone sit on their own on Christmas Day.

“Come along, have a lovely traditional dinner, games, entertainment, raffle and a gift from Santa - at no cost to you.”

Anyone who is interested in volunteering with Margaret or anyone who will be alone on Christmas Day and would like to attend the event is asked to contact Margaret Peacock on 07901571560.

“Thank you all and I’m wishing everyone a healthy, happy Christmas, however you choose to spend it,” concluded Margaret.

“Please don’t sit alone on Christmas Day, just give me a ring.”