Meade’s mental challenge for Ballymena

Mystery man David Meade has a mental challenge for the people of Ballymena - and it comes down to ‘spoof or truth’!

David Mead. Picture: Darren Kidd /

Meade, who recently starred in a special from Las Vegas which saw him ‘win’ £1 million dollars, brings his brand new touring show to Ballymena’s Braid Arts centre on Friday, January 16.

Tickets for the show have been selling like hot cakes and details of his latest mind-bending challenge should add even more numbers to the audience.

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“It’s as simple as this,” he says. “If you reckon you’ve got a poker face and can tell a lie with total confidence then you could win £1000.

“That’s the offer I’m making to volunteers from the audience - and it’s a genuine offer. I’ve had to give away £1000 on one tour date and Ballymena could see me lose another pile of cash!”

It’s the third time that Meade has encountered a local audience and he’s delighted to be back in The Braid which he rates as easily the best venue on the tour.

“Ballymena people should be proud of that facility. It really is at the top of the class for entertainment venues,” he said.