Northern Ireland company brings home brew revolution

MAYBE it’s a natural extension of the grow-your-own-food movement, or perhaps it’s nothing more than people trying to save money in a recession, but brewing beer and wine at home, little heard of since the 1970s, is undergoing a massive comeback.

With the launch this week of local business Get ‘er Brewed, Northern Ireland home brewers have even better access to the home brew kits and equipment they need to make their own high quality supply from the comfort of their own home.

Launched on April 1, Get ‘er Brewed ( supplies homebrew beer kits, wine kits, cider kits and all the equipment you could possibly need to start making your own supply from the comfort of your own home. Remarkably, prices start at just £1 for a bottle of wine and as little at 35p for a pint of beer!

Mrs Mitchell, Director, commented, “Home brewing is taking off in a big way, with thousands of people across the UK, old and young, joining the revolution, not least right here in Northern Ireland. We are passionate home brewers ourselves and have been for the last five years. We hope to share our experiences and to learn more about the art of home brewing as we embark on this journey.

“Home brew isn’t what it was in the Seventies and Eighties; brewing technology has advanced dramatically over the last 30 years, with a far greater variety and higher quality of kits, and therefore a far superior end product.

“People make their own home brew for many different reasons. Some do it just to save money, especially in these difficult times. Increasingly people are making their own because they don’t like what the commercial wine and beer makers put in their end product ... they crave more natural drink and by producing it themselves they can see, quite clearly what goes into it,” she adds.

Alongside an extensive range of beer, cider and wine kits, an opening offer at £64 for the Cooper’s DIY beer kit is not only the UK’s best price but everything you need to make 23 litres of beer.

Get ‘er Brewed offers the home brewer the chance to make beers, ciders and wine that will compete and surpass commercially made products. The Australian blend Pinot Grigio makes thirty bottles of wine for £35, it has a refreshing crisp new world style that is not only a trendy wine at the moment but a fabulous starter kit to really surprise your friends and family Get ‘er Brewed will be supplying hints and tips and handy how-to guides to get you started.