NRC students to feature on Countryfile

WHILE filming recently at Downhill and Mussenden Temple, BBC’s Countryfile presenter John Craven previewed a 3D computer graphic model of the buildings by Northern Regional College’s Media department.

The model is a meticulous reconstruction illustrating the interior and exterior grandeur of the 18th century home built by the Earl Bishop Frederick Hervey.

The research and reconstruction is undertaken by Stephen Price, Head of School and authority on the Earl Bishop, and Peter McMullan, senior lecturer working with NRC students studying interactive media at the Ballymoney campus.

The media students, who are more accustomed to being behind the camera, enjoyed meeting the Countryfile team as Peter McMullan explained: “John was keen to understand the accuracy of the reconstruction and we explained the research process behind the walkthrough experience.

“Working on the project is part of the students’ Extended Diploma in Interactive Media a two year programme which gives them first hand knowledge of the 3D modelling process. It’s meticulous work and they take part in research, produce concept sketches, and input to the final model.”

First year student Liam McKeown’s concept sketches caught John Craven’s eye as he heard details of the modelling process. Liam is keen to work in computer generated imaging in film, comic design or computer gaming.

Talking with the Countryfile research team second year students Ruth McCallmont and Jenny Doherty outlined their media career plans following their NRC course.

Ruth is aiming for a career in TV and film production following a degree course at the University of Westminster leaders in film and TV production. Jenny Doherty is specialising in creative production for interactive media and hopes to work as a film animator following her degree course at Ravensborne University renowned for innovation in digital media and design.

The Downhill and Mussenden Temple reconstruction project has been underway for three years. Downhill House and Mussenden Temple will feature on Countryfile this Sunday.