Larne Rocks at iconicAmerican landmarks

At the Bellagio Hotel.At the Bellagio Hotel.
At the Bellagio Hotel.
Larne Rocks are making their way overseas by a resident keen to spread their appeal and do his bit to promote his home town.

Lecturer Mark Hamill brought a stone decorated with a brown hedgehog with him on a business trip to the United States recently.

Mark said that he had found the stone whilst walking his dog at Dixon Park.

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Intrigued by the Larne Rocks concept, he decided to join in the fun.

He photographed “Hedgehog” on his travels to some of America’s most iconic landmarks in San Francisco, Chicago and Las Vegas.

“Hedgehog” can be seen enjoying a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, at The Bean sculpture at Millennium Park in Chicago and at Bellagio Hotel and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

He also enjoyed a pint in a Irish bar in San Jose with inspirational high school football coach Robert Mendez who was born without arms or legs.

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It was at Millennium Park where Mark decided to leave Hedgehog as his trip neared an end.

“I just bumped into Rob Mendez. he thought the idea was great.”

Mark said that his travelling companion’s last known whereabouts were at Millennium Park.

“Hedgehog ended his days in Chicago where I left him.”

Mark went on to say that the stone which also says #Glynn is a good way of promoting the Larne area.

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“To me, it is a great way of getting the town on the map and to show people living in the town that the stones are being taken further afield and maybe when people see a place name written on it, they will look to see what it is about.”

Anyone who finds a painted stone is asked to hide it again and upload a picture to a Larne Rocks Facebook page.

The fun initiative was started earlier this year by Suzanne Beggs who started by hiding 30 hand-painted stones along the promenade.

“It is really just to get people out, to be physical and to get off their tablets. I can’t believe how well everybody has taken to it. It is lovely.”

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