Physiologists’ innovative cardiac procedures

Clinical Physiologists in the Southern Trust are the first in Northern Ireland to implant cardiac monitors in patients outside of a theatre setting.

Clinical Physiologists for the Southern Trust, Natalie Archer and JulieAnne Prideaux who are the first in Northern Ireland to implant Loop Recorders in patients with Staff Nurse Hayley Preston, Dr Daniel Flannery, Consultant Cardiologist and Kay Carroll, Head of Service.

Known as Implantable Loop Recorders, the monitors which are patient activated and automatic recording devices are used to keep check on people with increased risk of cardiac irregularities (arrhythmia).

Traditionally carried out by consultant cardiologists in a theatre setting, the procedure to implant recorders could previously mean a full day in hospital for patients.

However, with recent progress devices are now much smaller and the procedure can take place outside of a theatre environment. Implantation now only takes a matter of minutes, offering patients a much easier experience whilst freeing up theatre space and consultant time for more complex procedures.

Kay Carroll, Head of Service for Cardiology Services for the Trust, said: “We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our service for patients whilst making the best use of resources. The Physiologists are able to undertake more implantations in a Cath Lab session, offering a more relaxed, less daunting experience for patients.”