Reid family relatives sought for reunion

The relatives and descendants of a native of Glenravel are being sought for a reunion in Australia in April.

The Reid Family Reunion to be held in Cairns, far North Queensland, Australia over the weekend of April 29-30 will bring together relatives and descendants of Hugh John Reid who was baptised in St Mary’s Roman Catholic Chapel, Glenravel on 28 June 1849.

Hugh Reid’s parents were Matthew Reid (1824–1900) and Sarah Duffin (1821–1881). They were married in 1845 and had six children, all of whom were born in the township of Knockanully in the Parish of Skerry in Glenravel, Country Antrim, Ireland (Northern Ireland).

Matthew was a tenant farmer in Knockanully. Sarah was born in County Antrim in 1821. Her father was Hugh Duffin whose birth date in unknown. Hugh Reid was probably named after his maternal grandfather.

Hugh was the second child.

His siblings were as follows:

John Reid

Baptised on 4 July 1847 (53 in 1901 Census and 64 in 1911 Census). Six children: John (Born 1874), Hugh (Born 1876), Arthur Reid (Born 1877), Mary (Born 1878 and died 23 February 1921, aged 74, Matthew Reid (Born 1879) and Rose Ann Reid (Born 1880).

Catherine Reid

Baptised on 20 April 1851 (same details as Hugh). Sponsors were Edward Duffin and Rosey Duffin. Died 29 March 1932, Bellshill, Scotland, United Kingdom, aged 81.

Patrick Reid

Baptised on 12 November 1852 (same details as Hugh). Sponsors were Patrick Shannon and Margaret Reid. Died 30 May 1948, Bellshill, Scotland, United Kingdom, aged 96.

Margaret Reed

Baptised on 10 December 1854 (same details as Hugh). Sponsors were Roger Duffin and Sarah Walsh. Date of death unknown. Note Margaret’s surname had a third spelling variation: ‘Reed’.

Jane Reid who married Patrick Carey (1865–1929) in Ballymena, March 1890. 7 children: Mary Carey (1890–18 May 1948), Knockanully; Catherine Carey (born about 1894), Sarah Jane Carey (born about 1896); Felix Carey (born September 1897); Rose Carey (born December 1899); Matthew Carey (born 1901); and Maggie Carey (born 1905).

If you would like to find out more about the reunion, email [email protected]