Ride to Work Day on June 16

Bikers across the Province are being encouraged to leave their cars at home and bring out their motorbikes and commute to work on June 16 as part of a European-wide Ride to Work Day, in a bid to raise motorcycle awareness and promote the benefits associated with biking.

Steven OKane, MAG Northern Ireland (centre) pictured with Ballymena biker Paul Graham (left) and Ballymoney Biker Davy Graham (right)

Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), one of the largest motorcycle lobby groups in the UK and Ireland has thrown their weight behind the initiative.

MAG Northern Ireland Rep and Ballymoney biker Stephen O’ Kane said: “The idea is simple; you get on your bike and ride to work, school, college or simply meet up with a few likeminded friends for breakfast or a coffee.

“The aim is to get as many bikes on the road as possible and raise awareness among other road users about the benefits of motorcycling and we really want to see as many of the country’s bikes out on the road on June 16.

“MAG Northern Ireland is asking bikers who normally drive to work in a car, van or use public transport or who only ride their bikes at the weekends to take part in this initiative. Here is an opportunity for you to get out and enjoy riding your bike to work.

“The benefits of riding to work are a reduction in traffic congestion and parking is free; riding to work uses less fuel than driving a car and bikes produce less pollution than communing in a large vehicle.”

There are a number of health benefits believed to be associated with biking:

“Riding to work on a bike is less stressful than driving and it leaves you more alert and energised. You also can get to work in half the time as you can filter through static traffic.”

Mr O’Kane concluded: “Here in Northern Ireland the authorities continue to ignore the benefits that motorcycling brings, but we are asking bikers to help change that by simply getting out on your bike and enjoying yourself!”

If you are organising a meet up for National Ride to Work Day or you want to get the word out, visit the website at ridetoworkday.co.uk for more information.