Sharon’s weight loss makes her a winner!

A slimming group leader from Antrim who helps over 100 people in the town to slim down each week has reached the finals of a competition for her own inspiring weight loss success.

Like all Slimming World Consultants Sharon, who runs a Slimming World group in St. Patrick’s Church, has lost weight herself with the club and that transformation won her a place in the finals of the Consultant Slimmer of the Year 2013 competition.

She was one of just 48 Consultants from all across the UK and Ireland to bag a place in the finals.

Sharon (46) joined her local Slimming World group in September 2010 after struggling with her weight for well over 20 years.

At her heaviest she weighed 17 stone 8 lb and found she had no energy and struggled to keep up with the demands of a full time job and two small boys at home.

She knew she had to make a change when after being invited to a cousin’s silver wedding party she found she had outgrown all of her clothes and was having to buy a size she really was not comfortable with.

So she went along to her local Slimming World group and hasn’t looked back since. She started following Slimming World’s Food Optimising healthy eating plan.

“It’s nothing like diets I’ve tried before, it’s so generous. I immediately loved the flexibility of being able to choose from hundreds of healthy foods that I could eat without having to weigh or measure my portions and I’ve never felt hungry,” Sharon said.

She added: “All my family enjoy the same meals - my husband has lost over 4 stone as well and they barely even notice they’re eating healthily - and even when we eat out there’s always something I can have and stay on track because Slimming World has helped me to learn how to make the healthiest choices.”

After losing 4st Sharon decided to train to become a Slimming World Consultant herself because she wanted to help other people in the community to change their lives in the same way that she had.

She has continued on her own weight loss journey too and has gone on to lose over 6 stone. She plans to lose another 7lb to reach her target weight of 11 stone.

Now she supports over 100 slimmers at her group in Antrim, which is held every Tuesday at 10am, 5.30 and 7.30pm, at St. Patrick’s Church on the Parkhall Road. Anyone wanting more information can reach Sharon on 07715304791 or email [email protected]

Sharon added: “Slimming World only recruits people who have lost weight with the club themselves to become Consultants because it’s so important that we have empathy and a real understanding of how it feels to be overweight and to lose weight.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous when I went to the group that first time, but I soon realised that we were all there for the same reason - because we were unhappy with our weight and wanted to do something about it. Everyone was so friendly,

“I was welcomed in and was treated with such understanding and the utmost respect. I always remember how kind everyone was to me on that first night and every week of my journey, and I make sure I show that same care and respect to all of my members.

“The training I received and still receive from Slimming World in both nutrition and the psychology of slimming is absolutely second to none and there are great rewards for building a successful group and helping lots of members, but nothing beats the satisfaction I get from helping people to lose weight and change their lives. I truly believe I have the best job in the world.”

Sharon’s weight loss put her in the running for Slimming World’s Consultant Slimmer of the Year 2013 competition, which was open to all of the club’s 3,500 Consultants who have lost weight in the last 12 months. She attended the finals at the club’s head office in Derbyshire and was presented with a certificate and gift by Slimming World’s Managing Director Caryl Richards.

Unfortunately she wasn’t the overall winner of the competition, but believes she is very much a winner as Slimming World has given her her life back.

“I feel now I am finally living my life to the full rather than just getting by day by day”

Anyone who’d like to find out more about all the groups in the area can visit or call Sharon on 07715304791.