These are the 10 most welcoming towns and cities in the UK

According to new analysis from accommodation website, these are the 10 friendliest towns and cities in the UK.

These locations were deemed the most welcoming in the UK.

Drawing on millions of customer reviews, looked at the share of properties receiving Traveller Review Awards in 2021 to determine which UK towns and cities are the most welcoming to visitors.

In the centre of Northern Ireland and steeped in history, Enniskillen was voted the friendliest UK spot and is the perfect place from which to explore County Fermanagh’s charming galleries, castles and cosy cafes.
In second place was Fort Augustus, which sits on the southern tip of Loch Ness. It boasts stunning views and is an ideal holiday spot for avid cyclists and walkers.
Another Scottish location deemed friendly to travellers, Kirkwall is rich in Norse history, with locals who make tourists feel right at home. Orkney boats some of the UK’s most dramatic scenery and an abundance of wildlife.
Much further down south, in England, Frome in Somerset is home to an enviable food and art scene, with the entire town turning into a marketplace on Sundays. It’s a cosy spot full of cafes and independent shops.
The perfect location for exploring the vast wilderness of the Highlands, Drumnadrochit, on the shore of Loch Ness. is a picturesque village perfect for any monster hunters.
The capital of the Isle of Man, Douglas is a place of rolling hills and quirky attractions - including a horse-drawn tram. Enjoy strolls along the promenade and beautiful views.
Another Scottish location, Stirling came out as the seventh most welcoming spot in the UK. Here you can enjoy a spot of golf, explore rich history or dine out at top-quality restaurants.
A beautiful English seaside town, Sidmouth is home to beautiful beaches, top-notch eateries and great shopping. It also sits right in the middle of rolling countryside for fans of walking.
A small town with stunning coastal scenery, Ballycastle is perfect for nature lovers, as it’s surrounded by forests, glens and ancient rocks.
Not only home to the world’s most famous festival, Glastonbury also emerged as one of the friendliest traveller destinations for 2021. It’s a gorgeous town infused with unique cultural and spiritual history