Stephanie captures fresh Atlantic flavours

Atlantic Ocean flavours from Portrush are increasingly being used by chefs in restaurants on the Causeway Coast and by home cooks to create fresh and spicy tastes for diners.

Stephanie Neumann-Flynn, the owner of Partie de Moi, a small food enterprise in Portrush

Behind the novel flavours is Stephanie Neumann-Flynn, the owner of Partie de Moi, a small food enterprise in Portrush, who recently launched her original Atlantic Everything Seasoning for chefs and also for home cooks through grocery retailers and delis here.

Stephanie, who started her artisan venture during the coronavirus pandemic and associated lockdowns, has seen it grow from a venture aimed at home cooks into a bulk supplier of spices to local restaurants and cafes. The small company is the outcome of her passion for cooking, entertaining and travelling.

The Atlantic Everything Seasoning, she continues, is based on her experience of holidaying in the US before the pandemic. “I noticed during my stay in the US that home cooks there used a type of seasoning for everything, Everything but the Bagel. I decided to create a similar seasoning here that included the fresh flavours from the Atlantic around Portrush. Included in the ingredients is sea salt harvested from local beaches by Coleraine-based Mussenden Sea Salt, another recently started artisan enterprise, which brings a taste of the Atlantic.

“In addition to the Co Antrim sea salt, the seasoning includes toasted white and black sesame seeds, poppy seeds, peppers, dried onion and dried garlic flakes. It’s created as a versatile savoury seasoning that can be used on virtually everything,”

Stephanie, who quit her full time job earlier in the year, to concentrate all her energies on the small business, explains. “The seasoning adds a nutty flavour to countless savoury dishes such as popcorn, salads, avocados, roasted vegetables, chips, eggs, sushi and fish,” she adds. The start-up began life last year with just one product, Pumpkin Spice, and has grown its portfolio in the past 12 months to include other original spice blends such as Artisan Sugar and Spice and Artisan Winter Spice, aimed, in particular, at home cooks.

“I’ve benefited enormously from the growth in home cooking during the lockdown in hospitality,” she says “Shoppers were looking for new tastes and are continuing to do so. I’ve also supported this important trend by featuring my own recipes for dishes on my new website,” she adds.

Assisted by Taste Causeway in Coleraine and a design agency there, Stephanie has also rebranded the business to build on existing success particularly with local delis. Stephanie graduated with a degree in Leisure and Event Management and began a career in event management with local councils including Causeway Coast and Glens.