SEVENTY years for Portrush’s super Sadie

She is one of the best known faces in the town of Portrush, regularly greeting customers from behind the counter of Gordon’s Chemist.

Sadie Jefferson has just celebrated an incredible SEVENTY years working in the pharmacy.

Sadie started working as a teenager in what was then a small pharmacy in Portrush and 70 years later she’s still there, serving her patients and looking after her customers.

A spokesperson for Gordon’s Chemist said: “We could not be more honoured to work alongside Sadie, and it was a real privilege for us to call with this remarkable lady and thank her for all those years of service (and for putting up with us for so long!).

Sadie with Lyndsay Sinclair (Pharmacy Manager in Portrush) and Tony Toner (Area Manager)

“As well as serving those patients in Portrush who depend on our team, Sadie also spends a great amount of her time fundraising for local charities.

“Over the past few years she has completed several skydives, and she is always leading the charge for us in fundraising for Action Cancer and some of the other charities that we support.”

Sadie is quite the daredevil when it comes to her charity fundraising.

She has clocked up TWO skydives in aid of the Northern Ireland Hospice.

Sadie with Lyndsay Sinclair (Pharmacy Manager in Portrush) and Robert Gordon

Speaking at the time, she said: “I think it is lovely to help other people, it is important to do your bit and it is never too late.

“I raised £3,000 from my sky dive. It was a bit of a shock to the system for about half a minute but then it was grand.”

Celebrating Sadie’s fantastic 70 years of serving the community, Gordon’s urged people to congratulate Sadie if they are visiting the pharmacy on Main Street.

“We’re deeply grateful to Sadie, and to her colleagues in Portrush, for their dedication and professionalism in serving the town for so long. We recognise that in Sadie we have a team member who gives her job her all.

Sadie in September 1951 with Mr. John W.(Jack) McConaghy at the side of the Medical Hall in Main Street, Portrush. Photo kindly supplied by the McConaghy family

“She’s a true professional, and puts the patients who call into our pharmacy in Portrush first. There are Pharmacy Heroes, and then there’s Sadie!”