Brits' biggest mobile phone blunders revealed

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Anyone who’s ever dropped their phone down the loo knows the sinking feeling that accompanies this classic mobile mishap.

There’s the short-lived moment of disbelief, promptly followed by panic as the misery of impending cost and inconvenience takes hold.

But this isn’t the worst that can happen and pales into near insignificance compared to other minor calamities: sending an email to the wrong person or signing off a text to your boss with a kiss.

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In fact, the average Brit suffers as many as 36 ‘phone pas’ a year, according to a recent survey.

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Dropping the phone and smashing its screen emerged as the most common mishap, followed by clicking on a video on full volume in a public place, and starting a long journey with just three per cent battery.

Almost a quarter have risked the wrath of their partner by looking at their phone in bed, while a fifth have rushed to recall an email sent to the wrong person.

Liking an ex’s Instagram post, adding a kiss on a work email, matching with a colleague on a dating site, and dialling 999 by mistake also leave us panicked, according to the survey of 2,000 Brits.

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Devices suffer an average of four drops a month - falling in the oven, sink and toilet bowl as well as in the road twice a month.

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(photo: Adobe)

As a result, many Brits end up living with their smashed screen for up to three months, with two thirds of those polled admitting they are using a mobile with a cracked or broken screen.

"With people changing their phones an average of every four years, our devices need to survive as many as 144 drops, scrapes and slips,” said Adam Ferguson, of HMD Global, the home for Nokia phones, who commissioned the survey to launch the new XR21.

Brits’ top 15 ‘phone pas’

Dropping your phone and smashing the screen 55%

Clicking a video on full volume in a crowded space 31%

Starting a long journey with three per cent battery 27%

Forgetting to put your phone on silent at the cinema 26%

Clicking on a spam link 24%

Dropping your phone down the loo 23%

Waking your partner by looking at your phone in the night 23%

Sending an email to the wrong person 20%

Putting a kiss at the end of a text to your boss 14%

Liking an ex’s Instagram post 12%

Putting a kiss on an email to a client 12%

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Accidently dialling 999 when trying to get into your phone 11%

Uploading a picture you didn’t want anyone to see to social media 11%

Putting your phone in the washing machine 7%

Driving off with your mobile on top of the car 4%

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