Tinnitus support in NW

The charity Action on Hearing Loss wants to make people with tinnitus aware of the free local support on offer through the charity’s Tinnitus Support Service in the North West.

This is Tinnitus Week and the charity now has a Tinnitus Support Officer based in their Londonderry office on Strand Road who can offer confidential one-to-one support, talks to community groups, Tinnitus Awareness Events and Tinnitus Management courses.

The service, funded by the Health & Social Care Board, supported more than 200 people in Northern Ireland with Tinnitus between 2017-18.

The charity now wants to reach even more people in the North West area.

Tcontact the Tinnitus Support Service in the North West, contact Aoife McGlinchey, Tinnitus Support Officer at Action on Hearing Loss in the North West at 07951 709923.