Best friends Jordan and Katie look back on their holiday of a lifetime

Best friends Jordan Humphries and Katie from Lisburn will feature in a new television show ‘Northern Irish Holidays’ on Sunday (May 30) at 7pm on BBC One NI.

Best friends Katie and Jordan feature in Northern Irish Holidays, Sunday 30 May at 7pm on BBC One Northern Ireland

The summer season is almost upon us and from staycations to travelling around the world, everyone has their favourite holiday destination.

In a new programme for BBC Northern Ireland, what happens on tour doesn’t always stay on tour, as families and friends take a nostalgic trip down memory lane to share their favourite moments through holiday snaps and home videos.

From backpacking in Bolivia to swimming in the cold waters at Ballycastle beach, Northern Irish Holidays brings armchair travellers on a fun filled adventure across the globe without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Best friends Jordan and Katie cemented their bond when Jordan invited Katie on a family holiday to Antigua. They’ve had plenty of adventures together since and during the programme Jordan and Katie watch old videos from their holiday in Antigua.

Jordan reflected: “It was all inclusive, so all day, all night it was non-stop food and so many activities, volley ball, water polo, aerobics and all sorts of things. We just loved it!

“Katie and I are constantly reflecting on our holidays together, they are bonding experiences for life.

“Looking back at videos and pictures remind us of really fun times.

“Looking at old videos it is equal parts fun and hilarious, but also a bit cringe. Katie and I have been travelling together since our teens, so the fashion has changed a lot since then, but they were all great experiences and something we loved doing.”