Fear of Flying Workshop to be Held at Belfast International Airport

A Workshop to be held at Belfast International Airport on Saturday May 1 aims to help people whose travel plans are restricted by a fear of flying.

The Fly Fearless Workshop will take place in the Park Plaza Hotel just beside the terminal and will be led by experienced pilot, therapist and coach Michael Comyn

Michael launched Fly Fearless last year. The company offers a range of courses to help reluctant flyers enjoy the freedom of the skies.

To date over 245 people have completed the programme with two thirds of them now flying, some for the first time in 25 years.

Participants Learn How to Cope With Their Fear of Flying

During the one day interactive and informative workshop which costs 150 per person, participants will learn coping techniques and self-management skills to make flying a more enjoyable experience. Fly Fearless also facilitates flight simulations and short domestic flights for course participants as an additional option during which Michael Comyn and crew are on hand to answer any questions.

"A fear of flying can be extremely debilitating. If air travel is not an option, visiting friends, conducting business abroad and engaging in foreign travel becomes very difficult," said Michael.

"Fly Fearless helps aerophobia sufferers to work through their discomfort, whether their fear of flying stems from feelings of claustrophobia, not being in control or from a lack of understanding about how airplanes actually work.

"We help people work through their fears and concerns without using hypnosis or aversion therapy. In just one day, people's attitudes and feelings towards flying can be completely changed."

Fear of Flying 'Can Develop Very Quickly'

Michael said fear of flying can develop very quickly but can also be overcome just as quickly.

"The Fly Fearless workshop arms aerophobics with information about what is happening at each stage from take off to landing, prepares them with coping techniques to feel more in control of the situation and explains the physical causes of anxiety," he added.