New AI-powered Oticon hearing aids from Hidden Hearing revolutionise listening experience

Specialist audiologists at Hidden Hearing are introducing the world's first hearing aid equipped with 4D user-intent sensors, available throughout their clinic network in Ireland.

The Oticon Intent, developed using AI technology, is designed to comprehend the wearer's intentions, prioritising important sounds based on machine learning algorithms. This innovative approach allows the device to filter out background noise effectively.

Tailored to fit discreetly, the Oticon Intent leverages the brain's role in auditory processing, enhancing the wearer's ability to engage with their surroundings. Referred to as 'BrainHearing' by its manufacturer, Oticon, the device employs sensor-driven technology to seamlessly adapt to various environments, providing personalised support for improved confidence and focus.

Duncan Graham, sales director at Hidden Hearing, highlights the challenges faced by those with hearing loss in dynamic settings. Traditional hearing aids often overlook individual listening intentions, hindering effective communication in noisy environments.

Now available locally

Hidden Hearing clinics across Northern Ireland have now launched this amazing new hearing aid. The Oticon Intent offers seamless connectivity with smart devices, enabling users to effortlessly manage calls and stream audio content. Its compact design boasts all-day battery life, with a 30-minute recharge providing eight hours of usage. Available in nine colours to suit personal style preferences, the device is accompanied by a dedicated app for customised support and settings.

“The Oticon Intent brings a revolutionary solution to the forefront, addressing the pressing challenges faced by individuals with hearing loss," says Duncan Graham, sales director at Hidden Hearing. "With its advanced features tailored to prioritise user intentions and seamlessly integrate with modern devices, we anticipate a significant uptake among those seeking effective hearing solutions.”

As approximately one-third of people over 64 face significant hearing impairment, and half of those over 75 experience age-related hearing loss, Oticon Intent offers a beacon of hope, promising to restore authentic auditory experiences for wearers

Duncan Graham

Hidden Hearing’s patient-centric approach, combined with the latest advancements in hearing technology, ensures that all patients receive the best possible care at every step of their journey.

Hidden Hearing are specialists for over 25 years in the field of hearing healthcare and have made a commitment to providing excellence in service to transform people’s lives through better hearing. By bringing the future of audiology to over 13 clinics in Northern Ireland, this can empower individuals to rediscover the joy of hearing and communication.

Hidden Hearing offers free hearing tests and encourages anyone over the age of 55 or anyone worried about their hearing to make an appointment by calling 0800 145 6067 or book through the website

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