Top-scoring ‘jailbreak’ trio ready for World Cup!

AN intrepid trio of local ‘jailbreakers’ recently proved that Prison Island – which has now been turned into an escape room – is no match for them, and they did so well that they clinched the ‘Highest Score of All time’ title at the Belfast site!

​Seanín Ward, Megan Magill and Lillie-May Ruddy were competing in the Prison Island World Cup Ireland Final when they ended up ranked first with a record-breaking ‘Highest Score of All Time’.

​The young women met at the Banbridge-based pole and aerial fitness studio, Defying Gravity.

To celebrate one of their friend’s immigration to Australia, they hosted her leaving do at Prison Island in Belfast, a challenge room entertainment venue with a mix of 25 mental, physical and skill-based games where participants have to beat the bars in order to escape the themed prison cells.

The goal in Prison Island is to collaborate as a team and score as many points as possible in each cell.

The Prison Island adventure is co-operative and participants all enter the cells together to pass the test.

The teams are composed of two to four participants.

It is a unique concept in that participants are never locked in a cell and can leave at any time.

They are free to try any cell and have a choice of total game time.

Clearly, however, Seanín, Megan and Lillie-May were not for quitting, or picking and choosing which cells they were interested in – they believed in being challenged to the very end, and complete all the tasks thrown at them!

What started out as a bit of fun quickly turned into qualifying for the Prison Island World Cup Ireland Final.

Their throwing, climbing, musical, mathematical and logical thinking skills were tested to the max, and the girls triumphed over the other 12 qualifying teams to win gold in the Ireland final.

The ladies, whose team name is ‘Save a Horse’, now head to Brussels in Belgium to compete against other teams from around the world in the Prison Island World Cup Grand Final next Saturday, November 25.

We wish our record-breaking trio the best of luck as they take on the world’s finest teams in Brussels!