190 new dwellings set to get planning permission in Ballymoney despite objectors’ petition and over 60 letters

PLANNERS are set to rubber-stamp plans for one of the biggest housing developments seen in Ballymoney in recent years despite over 60 letters of objection and a petition of objection.

Last summer it emerged many people in the Balnamore Road area of the town were opposed to a scheme to build 190 dwellings on land in the area.

When the matter first came before Ballymoney Borough Council last year planners were of the opinion to approve the scheme which involves 55 townhouses, 110 semi-detached houses and 25 detached homes.

But councillors asked for meetings with planners and the decision was deferred.

In Northern Ireland, local councils are consulted by planners but councils have no power to stop or give the green light to schemes, that decision is the sole preserve of planners.

The case is now set to come back to a meeting between planners and Ballymoney Council next Monday, June 20, and planners are of an opinion to grant permission for the development by Landbank Homes Ltd.

Objections centre on the impact on a flood plain; overlooking of other properties; traffic impact; sewer capacity and the density of the overall development.

The plans involve 88 and 90 Charlotte Street and south of Charlotte Street, Ballymoney and the proposed housing development is for 55 townhouses, 110 semi-detached homes and 25 detached houses.