50k cycle for St John’s Ambulance

A 50 kilometre cycle will take place this Sunday in a bid to raise money for the St John’s Ambulance service.

All funds from the gruelling charity cycle, due to set out from Ebrington Square in Londonderry on Sunday at 9.00am, will go towards a fund created so St John’s Ambulance can acquire a new ‘cycle response unit’.

Essentially a motorcycle loaded with medical equipment, volunteers say the vehicle will allow the St John’s Ambulance service to arrive on the scene quickly, through traffic and assess the situation before paramedics arrive.

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Darren Moore, a volunteer with St John’s, told the Sentinel that Sunday’s cycle will be an extreme challenge for the 20 people taking part. He said: “There are about 20 people doing it. They are all volunteers with the St John’s Ambulance and not one of us is a cyclist.

“We are all amateurs as such, but it should be a bit of craic on Sunday and a bit of a soreness on Monday! The race itself will take in the three bridges, more than once and will go all over the Waterside as well as the cityside.

“We have a St John’s Ambulance station based in the Waterside as well, at Lisneal College, so we wanted the 50k cycle to take in the Waterside as well.

“All the money will go towards securing a cycle response unit. A lot of people do ask, how can a motorcycle help? We can do everything when we arrive on the scene, barring giving drugs, and the motorcycle will be loaded with all the equipment needed before the full ambulance arrives.

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“It would mean we would be able to get basically anywhere in the city within the space of a few minutes and be better able to move through the traffic.”

He added: “If anyone would like to donate, they can contact the likes of myself on 07834914111 or contact us on facebook by searching for SJA Sevenoaks.”

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