52% of inspected houses below standard

NEGLIGENT landlords are letting tenants down in Londonderry by failing to meet basic fire safety, lighting, ventilation, washing and cooking standards with 52 per cent of inspections last year finding lapses, according to the Housing Minister Nelson McCausland.

The Minister has revealed that of 82 Houses of Mulitple Occupation (HMO) inspected in Londonderry last year 52.4 per cent failed to meet the acceptable standards required by law. The culprits responsible have been issued with Statutory Notices, Mr McCausland advised.

Foyle SDLP MLA Mark H. Durkan had asked the Minister how many inspections were carried out in the Foyle constituency in the last twelve months and what percentage of properties failed to meet the necessary criteria.

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Mr McCausland replied: “The Housing Executive has advised that 82 Houses in Multiple Occupation Inspections were carried out in the Foyle constituency in the last twelve months and of those inspections 52.44 per cent failed to meet the HMO standards.

“Appropriate action has been taken on these cases by the serving of Statutory Notice.”

Mr Durkan separately asked the Minister, in the case of an emergency, how many housing associations can acquire service from contractors who are not on their selected lists.

He replied: “Within Housing Association contracts there will be provision for dealing with emergencies which ensures that appropriate procurement procedures are followed.”

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