70 years of research to protect Foyle

Loughs Agency boss John Pollock says 70 years of collective research has been accumulated by 35 students under a unique EU-funded project that will help protect the Foyle.

The IBIS project was established to meet a pressing need for an integrated approach to resource management in aquatic ecosystems.

Mr Pollock, chief cxecutive of Loughs Agency said: “This research will inform Loughs Agency’s freshwater and marine management tools to ensure the exploitation of resources of the Foyle and Carlingford aquatic ecosystems are managed and sustainable.

“Congratulations to the IBIS team and the researchers on the high quality and innovative work they have undertaken”.

In 2011, Loughs Agency, Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Glasgow came together to develop the project to improve our understanding of aquatic habitats and resources.

Mr Pollock said exploitation of these resources carries with it the risk of damaging the very resource that we exploit.

Understanding these risks and identifying management and policy options will ensure that these wonderful resources are protected and passed to subsequent generations.

Pat Colgan, chief executive of SEUPB said: “I applaud the work which the IBIS team have done in assisting environmentally sustainable economic development and I am confident that their valuable research findings will have a positive impact on environmental policy and the protection of our marine life in the future”.

To encapsulate and celebrate the research findings, a two day conference is being held in the Canal Court Hotel, Newry on Wednesday, May 13 and Thursday, May 14.

Over 150 delegates will attendance.