A blueprint for Tullygarley village

BALLYMENA Borough Council have produced a development plan for the village of Tullygarley.

The plan was produced by Mentor Economic Developments Ltd. with the assistance of Tullygarley and District Residents' Association (TDRA). The opinions of the community were sought through a public survey delivered door by door throughout the area. The survey indicated the following issues; [a] Inadequate facilities for young people;[b] Not enough provision for older people [c]Poor playing facilities;[d] Little involvement by local people in the development of the village;[e] Few opportunities for people, especially unemployed people, to learn new skills;[f] A low level of self-employment. The survey was debated at a recent meeting of the TDRA and the targets listed below were adopted by the Residents' committee. (1) Secure the relocation and improvement of the existing children's' play area and bring it up to a modern day standard. (2 )Provide a suitable place for young people to congregate initially by providing a shelter at the football pitch. (3) Extend the playing pitch across the existing children's play area and provide changing rooms and showers (4) Provide an after school club in the community cnetre for four fays a week between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. The Residents' Association would equip the cub with net book computers and a printer. (5) With the cooperation of the Northern Regional College provide adult education classes in the community centre on Monday evenings; these classes would make use of the net books sourced for the after school club. (6) Improve the car parking area around the community centre (7) Create features at the entrances to the village (8) Seek floral features, tree planting, leisure seats and litter bins throughout the village (9) Provide a small number of allotments to grow vegetables and flowers. The area to include some raised beds to help people with disabilities. (10) Produce a newsletter for distribution through local shops. Such targets can only be achieved by the help of the people of Tullygarley. So with that caveat the Residents' Association will be calling for volunteers to assist wherever they can. If any local person would wish to offer their services they can do so by emailing [email protected] or by completing an interest form which will be distributed door by door.