A fitting tribute?

LOVE it or loathe it, there’s no denying that the jubilee crown in the Circular Road roundabout has got folk talking.

While Larne Council considers whether the crown should become a permanent feature, Larne Times’ readers have their own ideas on the matter in question.

When we asked people on our facebook page what they thought of the crown, they certainly didn’t shy away from giving their views:

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Colleen Jones said the crown should stay, as “it makes me giggle”.

Kel Marshall on the other hand, said: “Take it down, it looks stupid”.

David Swann suggested: “Keep it for the rest of this year as it’s the jubilee year, then take it down in January 2013”.

Drew Niblock said: “The crown is not, as some say, a sign of unionism nor a political statement ... but simply a monument to celebrate a term of 60 years of dedication to the people of the UK on the throne which simply won’t be repeated in our lifetime. God save the Queen”.

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Michelle McNeill said: “Take it away, the amount of morons running across the roundabout to take pictures of it is ridiculous. Someone’s going to get hurt.”

Jim King is in favour of the crown. “Keep it, looks well. First class, money well spent”.

Stephanie McDonnell said: “I think it’s a waste of money. So many things could have done with the money spent on this. Like a summer scheme for the kids. I do think the Queen’s jubilee is something that should be marked and celebrated but I think there are so many more tasteful ways than this”.

Stuart Adams said: “Keep it until the end of the jubilee year”.

Stephen Barnes: “Hideous and a waste of money”.

Heather Adams: “Keep it, it’s doing no harm.”

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