A mother's heartbreak

THE mother of murdered teenager Ryan Quinn has spoken about the emptiness in her life since her son's death.

Speaking as police issued an appeal for information on the second anniversary of Ryan's death, Lisa Kinnaird also urged anyone with information to come forward.

"Even if it's not for Ryan, or for the family, I ask them to do it to clear their own consciences," she said.

"Only then can we try to get some bit of a life back and get closure for Ryan, so we can rebuild our lives.

"From the moment we heard about Ryan, I don't think we have picked ourselves up from the ground. Ryan was my only son, I can't come to terms with the fact that he has gone and we know who has done this.

"They are suspects and will always be suspects. We regret but understand the PPS decision. We just need more evidence to get this into court.

"We know there were loads of witnesses. It hurts because I was there that night. I saw the crowd there so I know there was loads of people, so for people to say they seen nothing is unbelievable.

There's no closure. Ryan's gone but this is still hanging in the air. You are waiting every day."

Moments before he died Ryan made a desperate call to his father Ivan, Ms Kinnaird's ex-husband, from the railway line reportedly claiming he was being chased.

The teenager's 35-year-old mother said: "I am confident in the future that we will get justice for Ryan, I am confident that somebody is going to come forward."

Ms Kinnaird said her son's death has left her and her daughter Zara devastated.

"Ryan was a fun, well-mannered, very caring, very selfless little boy who always put other people before himself," she said.

"It was just the three of us in the house, me, Ryan and Zara. It's just empty now because Ryan was always the wee man of the house, it's just weird now the two girls in the house.

"I still see Ryan's friends, they are a great bunch of fellas. There was a Mass this morning for Ryan and about 30 of them turned up. They are a lovely bunch of boys but it's difficult to see them. I can see them getting taller and changing and it hurts as I always think that Ryan should be there too among them, getting taller, I will never have that again."