Ace! New Club to launch this week

A new tennis club will officially launch in Coleraine later this week.

Causeway Community Tennis Club will be hosting a ‘come and try’ launch event at The Rose Gardens, Coleraine, this Friday, April 10 from 1pm to 5pm.

Times Sport spoke to Club Chairperson, MLA Claire Sugden.

The MLA, who is passionate about the sport of tennis, said that the aim of the new club is to make tennis available to everyone.

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Her vision is to open up the sport of tennis up to the wider community.

“I am very excited about the launch of our new Causeway Community Tennis Club,” told Claire.

“The club brings together those who share a passion for tennis, and those who haven’t yet realised this passion.

“Tennis is an incredibly inclusive sport worldwide in that the achievements of those who play it are equally celebrated regardless of age, gender or background.

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“We too are inclusive - if you want to play tennis with us, you will.

“You qualify for our club by being yourself.

“We aim to make tennis accessible for everyone in the Causeway area.”

Claire went on: “ We are a community tennis club with more emphasis on community than tennis. While tennis will be our means, the community is our end. Our club will be a space to meet new friends and socialise.

“I am more a spectator than a player of tennis. I hope to change that with my involvement of the new Causeway Community Tennis Club. I am looking forward to getting healthier without realising!

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“Our club is about having fun with wonderful side benefits including getting fit.

“We tend to grow great golfers in this area, but there is no reason why we cannot encourage great tennis players. Join our club and develop your potential. We will train and develop tennis skills and provide opportunities to play competitively.”

Claire extended an invitation to everyone to come along to Friday’s launch day.

“Bring yourself to Anderson Park Tennis Courts, between 1pm and 5pm for our free launch - we’ll provide everything else.”