Ahoghill YFC just got bigger

AHOGHILL Young Farmers’ Club have not only maintained the momentum of their recent first meeting but added seven new members to their roll book.

There was a turnout of almost 90 members at Gracehill Primary School and they were joined by William Wilson, President of the Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster, who was keen to see the progress that the club was making in the short time since their re-launch.

Their latest gathering was chaired by a different member of the re-launch committee, Hilary McBride, and aided by acting secretary, Fiona Speers, and Erin McClure was asked to read the pledge.

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It was hoped that six or seven new members would volunteer to form a new committee and 14 put their name forward - Timothy Gregg, Catherine Watson, Sam Steele, Carolyn Gilmore, Philip Gregg, Lucy Hurrell, Jordan Millar, Ileanna McDowell, Stephen Gillespie, Emma Kernohan, Craig Hamilton, Holly Millar, Stephen Shaw and Holly Eaton. Congratulations to all those ‘elected’ with the first committee meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 27.

The meeting then handed over to Chris Nichol in the main sports hall where he gave a demonstration of “New Age Curling” - a form of bowls without the ice.

With 10 teams champing at the bit, it was a delicate operation judging the weight of the throw but most members began to get the hang of it as the night went on.

To make sure all members were kept well occupied, another member of the re-launch committee, Ian Small, organised a series of games for 10 more teams in the other hall which resulted in the Rhino’s team coming third, the Lions as runners up and the Lima’s team in first place while the winners of the new age curling were the Meerkats.

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William Wilson presented the prizes, Emma Clarke gave a vote of thanks to both Chris and William and with the help of Kathryn Speers presented them with gifts as a token of the new members’ appreciation.

Prior to the next club meeting, the Club would like to wish those 22 members going to the County dinner an enjoyable evening.

Next Club Meeting will be Tuesday, October 18, featuring a “Cool as Ice”, farm trip to Hoy’s ice-cream with members gathering at Ahoghill village car-park at 7.20pm sharp.