Alex gives cheques totalling £1,800

PENSIONER Alex McLean got the sort of praise usually reserved for heroes when he presented three cheques to charities at his home recently.

For not only did Alex and his wife, Gwen, hand over a total of £1800 divided equally between Help for Heroes, Cancer Research and Alzheimers Society, but their hospitality exceeded all expectations when representatives of the various charities turned up at their Dunaghy home.

Mr. Tommy Sommervile was present for Help the Heroes, Mervyn Ferris for Cancer Research and Ann-Marie Moore and Jennifer McElfatrick, Volunteers for Alzheimers Society.

What they didn’t know was that Alex and Gwen had prepared a veritable feast to mark the occasion leaving the guests full of admiration for their hard work and generosity.

Alex had undertaken a parachute jump on September 22 for charity and his wife, Gwen, along with local collector, Freddie Lafferty, raised sponsorship totalling a remarkable £1800.

The modesty the McLean couple adopted in front of their recipients only added to the admiration felt by all with Ann-Marie Moore declaring that never before had she received such a reception – a view shared by all present.

Mr. McLean’s daredevil antics certainly provided a talking point with the obvious question of what might his next charity fund-raiser be.

He didn’t commit himself, but watch this space as they say!