Allamby wants cityto direct NIHRC

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commissioner Les Allamby wants people in Londonderry to tell him what work the body should be concentrating on over the next three years.

He said: “Last year we visited Derry/Londonderry and held a number of public hearings as part of our Human Rights Inquiry on Emergency Health Care. We want to continue to engage with you on the issues that affect you the most.

“What exactly can we do? We can investigate human rights protections in the Criminal Justice System, Healthcare, Education, within any area of public service including the Government. We can go anywhere in Northern Ireland to look at any area where human rights are engaged.

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“Tell us what is concerning you in your community or what issues are affecting you and your family most. Even if you think that they may not be a rights issue, you should still let us know as human rights are often right at the heart of our daily lives.

“Let us know your views by filling in the short survey on our website:”