Alliance’s Jayne Dunlop expresses her thanks

Alliance candidate Jayne Dunlop. INBM 21-15Alliance candidate Jayne Dunlop. INBM 21-15
Alliance candidate Jayne Dunlop. INBM 21-15
Jayne Dunlop, Alliance candidate expressed her thanks for the support from voters, “On behalf of the Alliance Party in North Antrim, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who came out to cast their vote on Thursday 7th May. Across Northern Ireland the Alliance Party recorded its best Westminster election result since 1992. We saw nearly 20,000 more voters step forward to support out party than in the previous 2010 Westminster election.

Sadly, we lost our sole MP Naomi Long in East Belfast despite a significant rise in her vote. Her energetic performances across the media alongside her hard work and dedication to her constituents saw her stand out from other politicians.

In North Antrim we recorded our best election result in the constituency since 1997. We received 2,351 votes, up 983 votes from our total of 1,368 in 2010. I would like to congratulate Ian Paisley Jnr. on his victory and return to Westminster for a further five years, and to all the other candidates who took part in the most political diverse election that North Antrim has ever seen.”