An ‘eggs-traordinary’ place to build a nest

NI Water staff in Portglenone were pleasantly surprised to find that a water sampler machine at local Wastewater Treatment Works had become home to a nesting wren.

'Water' unusual place to nest in Portglenone!

Colin Jackson of NI Water said it’s not the first time he’s found found birds’ nests in such machinery.

“It can provide the perfect place to lay eggs. The heat and metal casing of the water sampler keep these little eggs cosy and warm until they hatch,” he said.

“The nest contained seven eggs, each of which was tiny in size. Altogether they would measure around the same size of a 20 pence piece!

“I and the staff on site were taking great care to ensure these eggs and their parents were undisturbed. We were actually lucky enough to see them hatch, however, they have now flown the nest,” he added.