Andrew loses over seven stone thanks to Weightwatchers

It was a photograph of himself behind the bar of the Rovers Return that quickly became a wake up call for Andrew Harvey, who decided that enough was enough.

Andrew after his weight loss transformation.

Now due to sheer determination and hard work through the Weightwatchers programme the 33-year-old Ballymacash man has lost over seven stone since September, last year.

Andrew who had always issues with his weight had rocketed to almost 19 stone, and had just returned from a trip in England last August.

It was while browsing through holiday snaps that he realised he had become almost unrecognisable to himself.

Andrew Harding before his seven stone weight loss.

“I had seen another one and it was a shot of me from the side and I just could not believe it,” said Andrew.

“I have always carried a bit of weight but I was just crushed when I saw those pictures. I had to ask myself ‘who is that person?’”

Andrew’s diet consisted of bags of crisps, processed food and biscuits while exercise amounted to just jumping in and out of the car.

So in September Andrewjoined the local Weightwatchers class at Brownlee Primary School.

“My problem all along was always about portion control,” he said. “It was not what I had eaten but the amount of it.

“When I first stepped into the class I was terrified. I had been to Bernie Walshe’s class ten years before and was afraid that she would be disappointed in me. Thankfully, she did not even recognise me and all my fears were wiped away.”

As well as watching his diet, Andrew who works at Queen’s University, began to exercise during his lunch. He started to walk and now takes daily runs during his lunch hour then for a three mile sprint later in the evening.

To help his weight loss, he also joined two local boot camps where he would lose even more weight.

Now, Andrew stands proudly at 11 and a half stone.

“When I reached my gold weight, instead of going for a slap up meal I joined a local gym,” he said proudly.

“It was funny, just recently I was meeting a friend for lunch and had not seen her in a while. She walked right past me. She was really shocked to see me so thin.

“I am determined that I will will never go back to that size again. Never.

“If I ever had a down day I would always remind myself of those pictures and the reason why I was there. It really helped me along. I just do not want to look like that any more.”

Weightwatchers classes are: Tuesday at Railway St Presbyterian Church Hall at 9.30am and 1pm; Brownlee PS on Tuesday at 5.15pm and Thursday at 5.15pm and 6.30pm. For more information ring Bernie on 07789813337.