Ann St PO closed? Try Randalstown!

A Moyle councillor has expressed her concerns for elderly users of Ballycastle Post office which is due to move from Ann Street to Castle Street in March.

Cllr Joan Baird said that, while she is pleased that Post office provision is to be improved and maintained, she queried whether management had taken into account the steep hill at Castle Street.

“I am concerned that the public transport doesn’t stop there so an elderly person wanting to use the new post office would have to get off at Market Street or Ann Street and walk up the hill,” she said.

“Can we ask the Post Office is they have considered public transport linkage in this move? If not, it’s disappointing as we have a large elderly population in this district.”

A letter from the Post Office stated: “I appreciate that the proposed location is approximately 320 metres away from the current branch and for some customers this may means slightly difficult and longer journey.

“In situations such as this, there are always some customers who are more inconvenienced than others and we can only apologise for this.”

And, Post Office chiefs offered their Ballycastle customers a rather distant alternative to use during relocation of the office - Randalstown!

Cllr Baird said she was “not impressed” when she read a letter from the Post fofice informing her of a temporary closure on March 23 but during that time there were was an alternative office at Armoy or if not then....Randalstown!

Randalstown is 37 miles away from Ballycastle.

Councillor Randal McDonnell quipped: “Rathlin would be closer!”

Post Office said this was an error and the other alternative is Ballymoney branch.