Anti-G8 public meeting to take place

ACTIVISTS in East Tyrone have organised a public meeting, to take place on Wednesday evening, to protest against the upcoming G8 Summit.

One of the organisers of the event, which will be held at O’Neill’s Bar in Coalisland at 8.30pm, is Christopher Donnelly.

The Dungannon campaigner said the G8 summit should be of concern for everyone.

‘’The G8 summit brings together the leaders and powerbrokers of some of the most influential countries in the world.”, explained Christopher.

“This year’s host nation, the United Kingdom, chose the location of the Lough Erne resort outside Enniskillen, in the hope that a fairly isolated, rural location would potentially insulate the G8 from protest. However the grievances generated by the countries attending, as well as the issues surrounding the hosting of the summit itself, raise many concerns.”

Among the issues of concern among the local anti-G8 movement are the reported £50 million cost of policing the summit, as well as ‘punishing’ cuts in the social welfare budget and Stormont finances.

Christopher Donnelly was critical, too, of what he termed “increasingly repressive measures of control” over civil liberties, human rights and political opposition.

Christopher further highlighted his concern about fracking and its environmental impact. He concluded by encouraging communities, workplaces and trade unions to show their opposition to the G8 by participating in the public meeting on Wednesday and by joining in on a protest march from Enniskillen library at 6.30pm on 17 June.