Anti-war protestors will urge Hallowe’en shoppers not to buy Israeli goods

Any fruit and nuts for Hallowe’en?

A group of Londonderry anti-war protestors will be urging Hallowe’en shoppers to ensure they weren’t harvested in Israel in a protest planned this Saturday.

The Derry Anti-War Coalition (DAWC) has called the protest in support of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) as violence in the Westbank escalates, weeks after Hamas declared a third intifada.

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Shaun Harkin, of DAWC, said: “We have seen over 50 killings of Palestinians in the last few weeks. The illegal settlements continue at pace with the full support of a vicious right​-wing​ government. ​

“Global powers are complicit in Israel’s brutal assaults on Palestinians. ​There has been a deliberate clampdown on Palestinian daily life in the West Bank​. ​

“Gaza remains a locked down, bombed out prison camp, with no way in or out for most Palestinians. By boycotting Israeli goods and companies who support Israel, shoppers in Derry can show solidarity with the Palestinian people and know that their hard earned cash is not going towards supporting a brutal and illegal occupation.”

The group are planning a demonstration outside Tesco Quayside at 2pm on October 31.

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