Appeal to mark Gibraltar evacuation

DUP Cllr Maurice Mills has called on council officers to look into the the possibility of holding a civic event to mark the anniversary of the evacuation of the Gibraltarian civiliam population during World War II
Ald. Maurice MillsAld. Maurice Mills
Ald. Maurice Mills

During the evacuation of civilians from Gibraltar in 1943, many of the evacuees were housed in specially built camps near Ballymena, where they lived for several years and some met and married local people.

Speaking out at last week’s council meeting, Cllr Mills said: “It’s the 70th anniversary of the evacuation of Gibraltar and I wondered if there was something afoot to mark it but there is nothing yet.

“I hope we don’t lose this because we are twinned with Gibraltar and we want to keep that alive and this would be on opportunity to do that.”

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